About me

Guy’s fifteen-year love affair with house music has taken him on a winding path from a house music epiphany at university in Sheffield to London, through sub-genres, numerous fashion crimes and many of the country’s best-loved dancefloors. In the tenth year of his DJ career, the Londoner’s firmly settled on a blend of deep, groovy and techy house, always aimed at moving feet, not stroking chins, and has put needle to vinyl at almost every one of the capital’s major dancefloors. After ten years of promoting everywhere from SeOne to Heaven, he’s settled on the less suffocating surroundings of Shoreditch as one third of London night Dropout’s laid-back posse, bringing forward-thinking music to Saturday’s demanding hordes.

In 2009 he took in the sunny climes of Croatia ’s Petracane at the Airbound festival alongside London dates, and last year he played alongside Josh Wink and Christian Varela on Pioneer’s DJSounds Radio show on Ibiza’s Sonica. With a number of productions under his belt on Devore, Drag’n’Drop, L:Music and Landed, and in 2011 a remix and then the Capa’s Journey EP on emerging gem Sideways, it’s a production career that’s slowly gaining momentum and garnering him attention in the city he calls home. He’s the brains behind Dropout’s podcast, which approaches its second anniversary in early 2012. It is, as they say, a marathon, not a sprint.

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